Certificates of Authentication

Whether you are producing open or limited edition prints from your art, photoART GB can provide Certificates of Authenticity (CoA) with your prints.

There are certain criteria that must be met for us to issue a CoA with your prints, and these are listed below. We will be very strict about these criteria, as it’s not only your name as the artist that is at stake, it’s also our reputation as a print supplier that is on the line.

  • You must decide, prior to the first print being made, whether your prints will be offered as open or limited editions
  • Once decided, if you are offering limited editions you must decide on the total number in the edition.
  • These numbers cannot, under any circumstances, be changed during the print run.
  • If you are offering different sizes within a limited edition print run, the amount of each size available must be stated on the CoA’s. For example in an edition run of 75 you may be offering x25 at A4, x25 at A3 and x25 at A2, Alternatively you may just be offering them all at the same size. But whatever the decision that appears on each of the CoA’s made for each print in the run.
  • If offering the print as a limited edition you can not then reproduce that image as a postcard, greetings card or on any other media. The image is being produced as a limited edition, so the only way to make it stay limited is by ensuring that it doesn’t appear on any other media.

If the above guidelines are not met then we regret that we will not be able to issue CoA’s for your prints.

Our set of rules are based on those set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild, you can find out more information on Limited Edition prints here.

CoA’s must also display certain information and you can download our form to fill in here. (Link)
The information that we need is as follows:

  • Name of Artists / Photographer
  • Title of image
  • Original size
  • Print size
  • Print medium
  • Print media
  • Date of issue
  • Edition size (if limited)
  • Edition number (if limited)

Download our CoA info form here.

We have 2 different design templates to which to choose from or we can either use your own design or design a certificate to your own design, charges will apply for custom services.

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